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Sami is a small ferry port with a small quay for yachts. Not as picturesque as Fiskado but a great base for exploring the island. There is the Cave Drograti and the underground lake Melissami you can get to by taxi or rental car or you can walk over the hill to Anti-Sami where Captain Correlli’s Mandolin was filmed. Moor stern to inside the harbour on your right as you go in. Water is available if you can find the man that turns on the supply. There are some nice tavernas to choose from and supermarkets if you need provisions.
Blue hour, MeganissiAgia Effimia palm lboulevardBlue hour at KalamosNidri harbour, LefkasSpartahori sunrise, MegannisiSpartahori looking out to VathiFloral boat, Little VathiVathi reflections, IthacaKalamos sunrise - Cephalonia